Twice the overall power and three times the service life of conventional batteries
Pulse (5 Second) Hot Cranking Amos (PHCA)1350
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)850
20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah)95
Reserve Capacity Minutes195
Dimensions L x W x H (in)13.90x6.88x7.48
Metric Dimensions L x W x H353 x 175 x 190
Weight (lbs)60.4
Weight (kg) 27.4


ODYSSEY Auto/LTV Battery Model PC1350-A
(Group 49 (Euro L5) with automotive style posts) 

Whether for everyday or emergency use, today’s vehicles are loaded with more electronics than would have been imaginable just a few years ago. ODYSSEY batteries have been designed to keep up with the changes. Because their plates are made of pure virgin lead (unlike the lead alloy in most batteries), we can pack in more plates. And more plates mean more plate surface area, and much more power — twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries — up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge!

ODYSSEY batteries deliver the massive starting power, rapid recovery, and amazing deep cycling capability that today’s vehicles demand.

What is Covered by This Warranty? 

EnerSys Energy Products Inc. (“Manufacturer”) warrants its ODYSSEY® batteries (hereafter referred to as “Battery”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the following Applicable Warranty Periods:  2 years for Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and other non-engine start cycling applications.  2 years for power sports applications.  3 years for commercial, industrial, marine and automotive applications in non-BCI sizes.  4 years for an engine starting application for PC1220, PC1350, PC2250 and all BCI sizes.Type your paragraph here.

Odyssey Batteries are the best batteries to buy for your diesel. Being a(n) AGM series battery, these batteries are three times stronger then your traditional lead plate acid design. Odyssey Batteries float around $200 and higher. Don't be fooled by the price, you get what you pay for. You will not be let down with these batteries.  Whenever we purchase batteries for our diesels we always use Odyssey.

How so much Power is possible?

Some batteries offer enormous cranking power. Others, deep cycle reserve power. Unbeatable ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ batteries do both. Even at very low temperatures, ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries have the power to provide engine-cranking pulses in excess of 2250 amps for 5 seconds – double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries. And they can handle 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge.

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ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries are made with flat plates made of 99.99% pure lead – not lead alloy. Pure lead plates can be made thinner, so we can fit more of them in the battery. More ODYSSEY battery plates mean more plate surface area. And that means more power – twice as much as conventional batteries.