>Available Snap On Covers Change Beam Pattern
>Massive 90-watt Top-Binned Luminus LED
>3,280 Feet (1,000 Meters) Of Usable Light
>Available In Kit With Two Lights
>4,060 Raw Lumens
>10° Spot Beam

Beam pattern & 2-d renderings  

The Vision X 8.7″ CANNON CTL-CPZ810 features a 90 watt LED Technology, a spot beam pattern that offers you a focused amount of light with great distance, and black aluminum poly carbonate housing. The CTL-CPZ810 comes standard with an extended warranty, harness and multi-volt 9-32V DC input.


Single Light: $649.00 +

Kit of Two Lights: $1,299.00 +

- 90 Watt Single Source Luminus LED
- Up To 3,280 Feet Of Usable Light
- Color & Beam Changing Covers
- 5,800 Raw Lumens Each
- Two Light Kits Available

8.7" 90 Watt LED Light Cannon

ItemPartBEAMRAW LumensEffective LumensWeightInput VoltsWattsAMP Draw# of Lights
CTL-CPZ8109890852105,800 lm4,060 lm10.36lb9-32V907.5A1
CTL-CPZ810KIT98900741011,600 lm8,120 lm20.729-32V9015A2

Snap on covers

LED Light Cannons can be purchased as a 2-Light kit that also includes a wiring harness and installation instructions that will help you get your Cannons up and running.

Loaded With Features 

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Key features 

LED Light Cannons are capable of being 20 lights in 1 with Snap On Polycarbonate Covers. Quickly go from Spot, to Euro, to Flood or Wide Flood, or even Elliptical beam patterns. Each beam pattern is available in Red, Blue, Amber, or Clear and a Black Out “Vision X” logo cover is also available for additional protection.

Two Light kit